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Figure 2

From: Daily temperature fluctuations unpredictably influence developmental rate and morphology at a critical early larval stage in a frog

Figure 2

Representative individuals at relevant developmental stages. Tadpoles were photographed alongside a mm ruler and labelled with Gosner [40] stage. We also divided stages 20 to 21 into substages based on level of eye transparency [2]. Stages were defined by the following criteria. 19: no blood circulation in the gills; 20: blood circulation in the gills and minimal corneal transparency (not shown); 20.25: corneal transparency extending 1/4 way down eye (not shown); 20.5: corneal transparency extending 1/2 way down eye; 20.75:corneal transparency extending 3/4 way down eye; 21: cornea fully transparent (not shown), 22: tailfin transparent and circulation observed.

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