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Figure 2

From: Fitness benefits of trypsin proteinase inhibitor expression in Nicotiana attenuata are greater than their costs when plants are attacked.

Figure 2

TPI activity (mean ± SEM) from stem leaves and the leaf growing at node S1 of untransformed wild type Nicotiana attenuata plants of the Utah genotype (WT); two homozygous T3 independently transformed lines of the Utah genotype that had been transformed with a construct containing a 175 bp pi gene fragment in an antisense orientation (AS –, AS-); plants of a homozygous T3 transformed line of the Arizona genotype transformed with a construct containing the full-length pi gene in a sense (S++) orientation before attack (day 0); and either unattacked or attacked by M. sexta larvae 4 and 11 d after neonates started to feed on the leaf at S1 position. Thin bars indicate ± SEM.

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