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Table 1 Table of attributes for 3 post-disturbance locations. Max/min temperature is monthly. 1 = western grey kangaroo, 2 = rabbit, 3 = western brush wallaby

From: Relative effects of mammal herbivory and plant spacing on seedling recruitment following fire and mining

Ecosystem Site Location relative to Perth Major species prior to disturbance Landform Soil type Rainfall (mm) Max/min temp (°C) Type of disturbance Primary herbivores
Banksia woodland Whiteman Park 18 km NE Banksia attenuata, B. menziesii, B. ilicifolia, B. littoralis, Acacia saligna, Allocasuarina fraseriana Coastal dunes of quartz origin Deep sands 700 32.5/8 Fire 1,2,3
Moist jarrah forest Huntly 100 km S Eucalyptus marginata, Corymbia calophylla, B. grandis, A. fraseriana, Persoonia longifolia Plateau of granite origin Laterite over clay loam 1200 28/5 Bauxite mining 1,2,3
Dry jarrah forest Boddington 180 km SE E. marginata, C. calophylla, B. grandis, A. fraseriana Plateau of granite origin Laterite over clay loam, 800 30/5 Bauxite mining 1,3