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Figure 4

From: Red fluorescence in reef fish: A novel signalling mechanism?

Figure 4

Red fluorescent representatives of five different reef fish families. a. Eviota pellucida (Gobiidae). b. Pseudocheilinus evanidus (Labridae). c. Corythoichthys flavofasciatus and d. C. schultzi (Syngnathidae), e. Enneapterygius pusillus, f. E. destai, g. E. abeli and h. Helcogramma steinitzi (Tripterygiidae). i. Ecsenius dentex and j. Crossosalarias macrospilus (Blenniidae). All pictures are from the laboratory, except for j (field). Left: broad spectrum illumination, right: red fluorescence under blue (laboratory) or natural (field) illumination.

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