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Figure 1

From: Temporal development and collapse of an Arctic plant-pollinator network

Figure 1

The start and end of the season. The figure shows the amount of outgoing radiation at 12 noon from June to August in 1996 and 1997 and the wind direction at 12 noon from April to September, also in 1996 and 1997. The start of the season correlates strongly with reduced level of outgoing radiation, whereas both the start and the end of the season correlate mildly with wind direction (0° -360°). The season is marked with two vertical blue lines; good days (days of observation) are blue and bad days (days where observations were not done due to bad weather conditions) are red. In the case of outgoing radiation (top two figures) days are counted from June 1st (i.e. June 1st = Day 0) and in the case of wind direction days are counted from April 1st (i.e. April 1st = Day 0). Note that 0° and 360° represent the same direction.

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