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Figure 3

From: Dissecting the multi-scale spatial relationship of earthworm assemblages with soil environmental variability

Figure 3

Correlogram computed using the factorial coordinates for the corresponding positive (□) and negative (Δ) row scores of the three axes extracted from the CA depicting the spatial autocorrelation of a) assemblages CA1+ (New genus 1) and CA1- (rest of species), b) CA2+ (endogeics) and CA2- (epigeics + anecic), and c) CA3+ ( Andiodrilus , Avmara , new genus 1) and CA3- ( Martiodrilus , Glossodrilus and new genus 2). Black symbols refer to the lag distances at which the Moran’s I coefficients were significant after progressive Bonferroni corrected p-values (p = 0.05/12; p’ = 0.0042). Only the correlograms of the CA2+ and CA3- assemblages were globally significant.

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