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Figure 6

From: Agent-mediated spatial storage effect in heterogeneous habitat stabilizes competitive mouse lemur coexistence in Menabe Central, Western Madagascar

Figure 6

Observed rainy season encounter rates of M. murinus (squares: Ambadira Forest, crosses: corridor, circles: Kirindy Forest) and predictions by log-linear model (dot-dash rough line: Ambadira Forest, dot-dash fine line: corridor, continuous line: Kirindy Forest) in non‐degraded habitat (n = 11) across Menabe Central; due to low variance in M. coquereli rainy season encounter rates, model predictions of numerous transects overlap (only 5 different encounter rate values in non‐degraded habitat); RS Andranomena not represented as it entirely consists of degraded habitat; model equations for non-degraded habitat in Ambarida Forest: = exp(1.878-2.128-1.841*, in the corridor: = exp(1.878-0.320-1.841*, in Kirindy Forest: = exp(1.878-0.077-1.841*

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