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Figure 1

From: Travelling at a slug’s pace: possible invertebrate vectors of Caenorhabditis nematodes

Figure 1

Proportion of chilopods, isopods and slugs found in association with C. elegans and C. remanei during the second screen between July and September 2013. Neither C. elegans (dark grey) nor C. remanei (light grey) have been found associated with other invertebrates. The overall occurrence of C. elegans differed from that of C. remanei, yet each species was isolated in similar relative frequencies from the three invertebrate groups (C. elegans was found in 13 out of 35 assayed slugs, 30 out of 93 isopods, and 13 out of 51 chilopods; C. remanei was isolated from 3 out of 35 slugs, 10 out of 93 isopods, and 1 out of 51 chilopods; Additional file 5).

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