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Fig. 9

From: A metabarcoding framework for facilitated survey of endolithic phototrophs with tufA

Fig. 9

Molecular divergence in the Ulvophyceae. Percent identity values computed based on an alignment of 375 bp of the tufA metabarcode. Provisional suborder and families delimited in the present study are shaded in gray. Abbreviations as follows: ‘Ord.’ Order, ‘Subord.’ Suborder, ‘Ulvales-Ulothr.’ Ulvales-Ulothrichales, ‘Dichotomosiphon.’ Dichotomosiphonaceae, ‘Siphonogram.’ Siphonogramenaceae, ‘Pseudochlorod.’ Pseudochlorodesmidaceae, ‘Pseudostreob.’ Pseudostreobiaceae

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