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Table 1 Results of ANCOVAs on log-transformed data, assessing the effects of plant size and season on the abundance of important animal groups

From: What´s in the tank? Nematodes and other major components of the meiofauna of bromeliad phytotelms in lowland Panama

Group Plant size Season
Nematoda <0.001 0.002
Rotatoria <0.001 0.057
Harpacticoida <0.001 0.29
Nauplii <0.001 0.78
Acari 0.57 0.002
Annelida <0.001 0.81
  1. Given are the respective p-values. None of the interaction terms was significant (p > 0.05). Individual data for all animal groups and plant specimens are given in Additional file 2: Table S1