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Table 3 Relative proportions (in %) of feeding-types of nematodes in the tanks of 54 individuals of four bromeliad species growing in the lowlands of Panama, distinguishing collections from the wet and dry season

From: What´s in the tank? Nematodes and other major components of the meiofauna of bromeliad phytotelms in lowland Panama

Feeding-type Wet season Dry season
Deposit-feeder 26.9 40.0
Epistrate-feeder 19.4 10.8
Suction-feeder (fungi/plant) 15.6 30.4
Suction-feeder (omnivorous) 22.4 10.3
Chewer (omnivorous) 10.2 10.3
Chewer (predator) 5.4 1.2
Identified nematodes 2704 572
  1. Also given are the total numbers of identified individuals